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Student Profile - Tasha

2nd November 2016

Greenpower student profile – Tasha
Tasha was a student at Parkstone Grammar school. She started Greenpower when she was fourteen in 2011 in the Formula 24 series. When she started she didn’t really know what engineering was, possibly like being a car mechanic, and hadn’t considered it as a career. At school Tasha enjoyed maths and did think about becoming an accountant where she could use these skills not realising that maths is used so much in engineering.

Tasha started Greenpower in the team Sugoi Hayai (it means Incredibly Fast in Japanese) she was one of eight in the team. She enjoyed it so much she came back the next year in the same team. The car was improved and came 29th overall at the final that year. Greenpower had sparked her interest in engineering and she chose maths and physics for her A level subjects.

In 2014 she started her A levels and had the opportunity to participate in Greenpower again in the faster Formula 24+ series. This is a competition for young people aged 16 to 25 so meant she was competing against graduates and apprentices from companies such as Jaguar Land Rover and Renishaw. Tasha was in a much smaller team than before, just her and one other student. They worked together to make many improvements to their car, Speedwell. The most significant was adding a datalogger and designed a throttle control circuit connected to a motor controller. Tasha visited Siemens Traffic in her school holiday to do work experience and this further confirmed that she would like to pursue a career in engineering. At the Greenpower Dunsfold Park event Tasha and her colleague won the IET engineering prize for their car improvements. She later did a presentation to the IET at Bournemouth University on her project to a large audience of around 50 people, something she had never done before.

Tasha was torn as to the route she would take after A levels. She applied to various Universities to study engineering but didn’t like the idea of the massive debt that would come with this education. She applied to a local company, Cobham Plc (previously called Flight Refuelling) and was successful in securing an apprenticeship. She is now well on her way to becoming an engineer and is very much enjoying learning about engineering. When asked how Greenpower had influenced her career direction, she replied “Yes it has 100% influenced my choice of career, I doubt I would be an apprentice at Cobham without Greenpower, I even took my Greenpower project to my job interview and think it helped me get my job here”.

Her Greenpower story isn’t over yet. She has discovered that there is a Greenpower team at Bournemouth and Poole college and she is now leading that team, building an F24+ car for the forthcoming Greenpower season.