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About Project Blyth

Project Blyth, run by Greenpower Education Trust, and funded by the Careers and Enterprise Company will see 33 IET Formula 24 teams created in the Humberside region.

The aim is, through the medium of the Greenpower challenge, to engage students with employers and provide them with workplace inspiration.

Every team will be linked with an employer from the region, and work in a spirt of co-operation to run a successful Greenpower project culminating in a race event in Hull in the summer of 2017.

The successful 33 applicants to Project Blyth will receive:

  • A 50% grant for the cost of an IET Formula 24 kit car
  • A £500 grant for expenses incurred during the project, e.g. overalls, crash helmets, transport
  • A strong link with a local employer who will offer various workplace inspirations, e.g. support to build the car, mentors, and workplace visits
  • Free training in the use of Solid Edge CAD software from Siemens
  • Free AQA Greenpower Award certificate and Industrial Cadets award for 12 students in the team
  • Support throughout the project from our dedicated Project Co-ordinator
  • Free entry to the high-profile race event in the summer of 2017


To be a part of Project Blyth, you will need to commit to various requirements:

  1. Raise 50% of the cost of the kit car (£1,375 plus VAT)
  2. Have 20 team members during the project (18 months)
  3. Have 50% female participation on your team
  4. Involve a high proportion of Free School Meals (FSM) students on your team
  5. Students, teachers and parents must participate in research surveys
  6. Engage in full co-operative spirit with your matched employer
  7. Taking part in Solid Edge training, and use the software to design bodywork
  8. 12 students to take part in AQA and Industrial Cadets awards
  9. Produce a portfolio of the design and build of the car
  10. Take part in the race event in the summer of 2017!